API Post 49

Example: POST    https://customerswot.com/api/SWOT/49/?Token=2464F402-C9EE-4078-ACEF-E2BB3F7003CB&Para1=3
Token is the Company token allocated at the creating of the database and sent out in the email confirmaing the creation of the customer database.
Options for the parameter1 are as follows:
0-7 delete a range from todays date back 0-7 days
10-50 Delete a range of 1-weeks (10 for one week. 50 for 5 weeks.
99    Delete a data range from today back to the 1st of the month
100 Delete all this month plus one complete month before todays date. 
200 Delete all this month plus 2 months previous
300 Delete all this month plus 3 months previous.

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