Connect Salesmatrix SWOT to Netsuite

Connecting Salesmatrix SWOT to NetSuite is a straight forward process that can be performed by non-technically inclined users.
Please follow these steps carefully in sequence and be sure not to miss any of them out!

Step ONE. Create a Salesmatrix SWOT account. 

  • Registering online
    Go to the Company Registration form on
    Click the REGISTER COMPANY button

  • Fill in all the fields, be sure to enter your email address correctly and choose XERO as the Accounting System. 
    Filled in Registration
  • Click the REGISTER COMPANY button. You will receive an email from Salesmatrix with you Verification code in it. Enter the verification code in the form.

Once you have entered your verification code, you will receive a confirmation screen that your registration is complete. 
Also you will receive an email that gives you further information as well as a confirmation. In this email you will receive the login admin password and


Step TWO Connecting SWOT to your NetSuite account

Click on the registration link shown in the email you received. 
This will take you to a web-form which you need to complete in order to connect SWOT to your NetSuite account. 
Choose NetSuite as your accounting system.  
This will expand the form to include three fields which you need to fill in for SWOT to read the data from NetSuite.  
Fill in your NetSuite login, password and NetSuite account ID. Click on “Save connection details.” 
If there are any errors in the connection process an error message will show on the screen. If this is the case, check and re-enter the data correctly.  
Otherwise, after a few seconds, a confirmation screen will appear, confirming that the connection was successful. 
Be aware that you will need to wait several hours before data appears in your SWOT app. 
The confirmation email that you received earlier has your login and password to the SWOT app.
YouTube Video shows the way:

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